WEB GROUP SPIRITUAL RETREAT: “Reflection, Re-Connection and Re-Creation”. Reflection requires stillness, but being still in our busy world is a challenge. Through stillness, we reconnect with the Breath of Life, renewing our connection to God, to self, those around us, and to all of creation. Quieting our bodies, we can deeply relax. Quieting our chattering minds, it’s possible to hear the still, small voice of God, leading us, guiding us.


Our time together on Saturday, May 6 from 10 AM to 4 PM in the Manchester Room includes a guided meditation to quiet both body and mind and exercises to renew and strengthen connections. There will be leader presentations, individual and group time, and opportunities for both spiritual depth and holy play. There is a suggested donation of $15. We retreat not to escape the world but to better prepare ourselves for living in it. Join us!


Leader bio: Ruth Ann Barber Bradley was born and raised in Newport and was christened in the old United Congregational Church on Spring Street. Greer Lyon and she are sisters. Ruth Ann became a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in 1989 and, after retiring from work in college and school counseling and administration, served as pastor of Poplar Ridge Friends Meeting for fourteen years. When she is not busy caring for her nearby three grandchildren, she continues to enjoy yoga, dancing, hiking, writing haiku, and leading occasional worship services and spiritual retreats.


WEB Gathering - March 2023

WEB Gathering – March 2023


What People are Saying

We love this church because of the loving and family atmosphere. The children's program is the best - our children look forward to coming to church. — Lisa
I like coloring with my friends during Sunday School. — Violet, Age 7
This church offers friendship, music and the preaching of God's word.
This place is a very warm, friendly family of believers, sharing the struggles of life, supporting each other along the way. — Melissa, Age 51
Bright! Cheery! Friendly! Great Pastor! Great music! Comforting, helpful and warm! Uplifting illuminating sermons. Our church has it all! — Bob, Age 72
Our church is very special. While we are a community of worshipers, we are also a community of friends and family. Anyone is welcome to join our family and that is a beautiful thing. — Noah, Age 16
I found a loving and caring family when I joined the church! — John, Age 54
I have fun playing games while I learn about Jesus. — Nik, Age 10
I most appreciate the closeness of everyone in our church. It's like one big family. — Rebecca, Age 18
I love that everyone is always welcoming and always listens. — Mia, Age 18
Sunday Morning Worship Schedule: Worship: 10:00 - 11:00
Sunday School: 10:00 - 11:00
Fellowship Time: 11:00 +