Learning Center This Week


¨ LEARNING CENTER classes will resume on September 16th.


æCHILD(REN)’S LEARNING CENTER RECORDS:  Please, if you have not yet responded; we need your child(ren)’s records updated before the start of the church school year (September 9th). THANK YOU to those of you who have already responded.  Please do reply to this e-mail ASAP (or be prepared to continue receiving repeated requests).


ACOLYTES are still needed for the coming school year (September ’18 – May ‘19).  Please talk to your children about their interest in this most important responsibility.  We usually ask for children in 3rd grade and older, but there is also a matter of height (keep that in mind).


ÿCONFIRMATION CANDIDATES have just about wrapped up their summer confirmation studies and requirements.  We’re anticipating a November celebration of the Rite of Confirmation.


ü OBERAMMERGAU 2020:  Help celebrate our 325th year!   Join Pastor Joe and Megan for an unforgettable experience in Austria/Germany, 2020!  The best part???? – witnessing the oldest and most powerful telling of The Passion of Christ.  Date, cost, options, etc. will follow.


LOOKING AHEAD:                    

                                                Homecoming Sunday – September 9th

                                                LC Classes Resume – September 16th       






































-  Robert Half

What People are Saying

The kindest compilation of friends and family reside within our community. I've made some of my best friends here and joining the church is the best decision I've ever made. — Noah, 16
This church offers friendship, music and the preaching of God's word.
I like coloring with my friends during Sunday School. — Violet, Age 7
Our church is very special. While we are a community of worshipers, we are also a community of friends and family. Anyone is welcome to join our family and that is a beautiful thing. — Noah, Age 16
Our Church is generous with people in need. Our church has great programs for children and youth. — Joe, Over 65
We have had 17 moves. Every time we came back to Newport we were welcomed as though we had never been away. — Debby, Age 79
UCC, Middletown – A wonderful place to make 100 real friends without using Facebook. — Chris, Age 60
We love this church because of the loving and family atmosphere. The children's program is the best - our children look forward to coming to church. — Lisa
I like how everybody at church knows everyone and everybody is friendly even to those they don't know, no matter what. — Mackenzie, Age 15
I love that everyone is always welcoming and always listens. — Mia, Age 18
Sunday Morning Worship Schedule: Worship: 10:00 - 11:00
Sunday School: 10:00 - 11:00
Fellowship Time: 11:00 +

Highlighted Events

• Worship Service - Sundays at 10 AM

• Prayer Circle - Tuesdays @ 4 PM

• United Knitters - Thursdays @ 10 AM

• Community Meal @ United Baptist - 8/22 at 5 PM

• Office Closed on Labor Day Monday 9/3

• Homecoming Sunday 9/9 @ 10 AM