Learning Center This Week


ATTENTION PARENTS/PLEASE READ:  The current enrollment in the Learning Center has warranted a shift in the grade levels split.  The good news:  This means A LOT more kids in the 1st through 6th grade range.  The challenging news:  we have had to add a new classroom/grade level to the program.  The new breakdown is:  Nursery (infants); Fishies (pre-school / 4-5-year olds); Elementary (grades 1-3); Middle (grades 4-6); and 7-UPS (7th grade and older).  The confirmation class (9th grade and older) will meet on Sunday afternoons.  This increase in levels greatly increases the need for teachers.


TEACHERS ARE SORELY NEEDED THIS FALL.   See the above announcement and pitch in to help the children.  You can sign up for teaching by calling or e-mailing Megan (439-8785 // mdweymouth@gmail.com) or by signing the chart on Sunday mornings at the Opportunity Table.


FAMILY WORSHIP IN THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR:  We will return to our practice making “Family Sunday” of the 5th Sunday of each month.  This means that all children will attend worship with family on the 5th Sunday of any month.


THIS WEEK’S LESSON:  The Creation Story


WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY:  We will celebrate our annual World Communion Sunday on October 1st this year.  Our tradition is to invite the children to celebrate the sacrament with our church family (and the rest of the Christian world) at the beginning of the worship service.  Surprises can happen at that service … please be sure to bring your children that Sunday.


BIBLE/HYMNAL SUNDAY:   Sunday, November 12th marks the date of our traditional Bible/Hymnal Sunday in which the children in the 8th and 3rd grades are gifted with their own personal hymnal or Bible respectively.  Parents of 3rd and 8th graders will need to provide Miss Megan with their child’s name as they wish it imprinted on the bookplate.  Note:  this is a change of date.


PUPPET SHOW:  Please mark your calendars now for this year’s Puppet Show which we present every other year (see dates below).  Our last performance was in 2015.  There will be a need for 32 puppeteers and 8 voices to make up the cast for this show.  Stage crew (set and strike) will be needed as well.  Please block (on your calendar) December 3rd (set), and December 6th,7th, 8th (performances) so that you can take part in this special event – our gift to the community.


PUPPET SHOW PROCEEDS:  will go to someone in our community who needs our help, particularly during the Christmas season.  In the past, our show has benefited children and adults with devastating illnesses and/or disabilities, surviving children of tragedy of a parent death, etc.  Please do think about this and consider any possible recipients.   Candidates’ names can be submitted to Megan Weymouth between now and Thanksgiving.




October 1st                                    World Communion Sunday

November 12th                                       Bible/Hymnal Sunday

November 19th                              “Pilgrims’ Procession” (Thanksgiving Sunday)

December 3rd                                Stage set (puppet show)

December 6th, 7th, 8th                   Puppet Show






























-  Robert Half

What People are Saying

This church offers friendship, music and the preaching of God's word.
As part of this congregation, I appreciate our pastor and teacher, Rev. Joe Tripp.... — Mary, Age 59
I found a loving and caring family when I joined the church! — John, Age 54
Our Church is generous with people in need. Our church has great programs for children and youth. — Joe, Over 65
Bright! Cheery! Friendly! Great Pastor! Great music! Comforting, helpful and warm! Uplifting illuminating sermons. Our church has it all! — Bob, Age 72
This place is a very warm, friendly family of believers, sharing the struggles of life, supporting each other along the way. — Melissa, Age 51
Our church is very special. While we are a community of worshipers, we are also a community of friends and family. Anyone is welcome to join our family and that is a beautiful thing. — Noah, Age 16
This church has a warm and friendly staff and membership. It's like a second home for me. — Curt, Age 84
I love that everyone is always welcoming and always listens. — Mia, Age 18
I like that when Sunday School is over we go have something to eat. — Matt, Age 12
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