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Welcome to the United Congregational Church Learning Center; a place where children and youth are nurtured, loved, and imparted with God’s love.

Our Learning Center embraces “Safe Place” procedures at all times throughout the year maintaining the standards as developed by the Christian and Missionary Alliance in collaboration with the Child Safety and Protection Network’s Best Practice Standards.  These standards ensure that your children are kept safe and secure in the classrooms while you are attending worship in the Sanctuary.

Our Children and Youth program takes your child from the cradle through their high school years, providing them with a well-rounded and creative Christian Education experience.  Each week the children and youth will take part in an absolutely unique and original lesson plan that tells the story and keeps them entertained at the same time.

Our youngest children (the infants and toddlers) are welcomed into our professionally staffed Nursery each week.  Our two permanent Nursery attendants are well-trained, and certified, for the care of your children.  There is also a church volunteer scheduled each week to provide an additional pair of hands in the Nursery.  We can assure our Mommies and Daddies that the nursery is caringly monitored, ultra-safe, and super clean.  You can leave your infant or toddler in this loving environment with confidence and worship in peace.

When the toddlers graduate to their fourth year, they advance to our “Fishies” class.  The Fishies’ curriculum follows the stories and activities of the older kids, but in a pared down version more conducive to a 4- or 5-year-old’s thinking.  All of the lessons will be presented with stories and activities such as music and song, role playing, games and physical activities, crafts, and a variety of different hands-on symbols of renewal and hope in their little world.

The elementary grades (1st through 6th) enjoy completely unique lessons from the Old and New Testaments through stories, games, and activities, but their lessons will be supplemented by a weekly “Circle Time” worship just for children.  Our “Circle Time” teaches them how to observe our litany of worship, memorizing key pieces such as the Lord’s Prayer, the 23rd Psalm, The Doxology, and so on.  This practice prepares them for attending, and properly observing, the litany of adult worship.  Additionally, on the second and fourth Sundays of the month, all of the children are invited to a special “Children’s Time” in the Sanctuary at the beginning of worship.  The Pastor, the Church School Coordinator, or a church member uses that time to deliver a special message just for children (though the adults love it too!).

Our youth class (6th grade and up) will be attending classes on Sunday mornings in an exclusive program tailored just for them.  A variety of media will be used to bring the message to light in a clear and entertaining way and, those who so choose, will also enter into pre-confirmation preparation. This class has plenty of classroom, worship, fundraising, and social experiences in store and, of course, all of the kids at this level are eligible to attend youth events, various mission trips, shows, and concerts. Keep your eye on the Calendar of Coming Events and our weekly newsletter as the school year progresses.

Confirmation Prep is an exclusive two-year program designed for our youth in 7th grade or higher who wish to prepare for confirmation.  The lessons are conducted two Sunday evenings per month and, besides providing a thorough syllabus for a young prospective member, this program also provides opportunity for creative expression, retreat, community service, and discernment.

I hope you’ll find this website helpful in your children’s spiritual formation.  For further information, you can also talk with the Coordinator for Children and Youth Ministries at any time.  Your time and conversation are always welcome.

In faith,

Patty Berry

Coordinator for Children and Youth Ministries




What People are Saying

I most appreciate the closeness of everyone in our church. It's like one big family. — Rebecca, Age 18
The trucks in the nursery are fun to play with. — Kevin, Age 6
I am grateful for the many opportunities to be of service to others. — Jack, Age 78
I like listening to the Bible stories with my friends. — Damek, Age 11
I like coloring with my friends during Sunday School. — Violet, Age 7
I found a loving and caring family when I joined the church! — John, Age 54
As part of this congregation, I appreciate our pastor and teacher, Rev. Joe Tripp.... — Mary, Age 59
The people, the pastor, and the music all fulfill my spiritual needs and provide a sense of peace. — Florence, Age 85
Our Church is generous with people in need. Our church has great programs for children and youth. — Joe, Over 65
This place is a very warm, friendly family of believers, sharing the struggles of life, supporting each other along the way. — Melissa, Age 51
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