Holiday Bazaar

Our Holiday Bazaar is a community event open to the public. The joy of working together, each individual sharing his or her gift of time and talents before and during the event creates a great deal of fun and fellowship.


Participants: Adults and Youth

Date: The Saturday before Thanksgiving




It’s that time again .. in less than 2 weeks, we will open our doors to the holiday shoppers of Aquidneck Island and beyond! Our mission is to provide an opportunity for everyone to find something special and affordable for the people on their gift list. Better yet, everyone who comes through the doors gets to experience the warmth, friendship and joy of the “amazing grace, amazing place” community here at United Congregational Church. Finally, we get to raise some money for our church and our missions!

Here’s the plan:

Ye Olde Gift Shoppe – this is an opportunity for us to donate some of the “stuff” that is no longer being used, collecting dust or taking up space. Remember, the theme is “gift shoppe” so we are looking for unique, beautiful well-kept items that would make a special gift for someone else.

Santa’s Workshop (the toy room) – help us stock our shelves with clean, gently used toys, books, dolls, games and puzzles (with all the pieces!!)

Book Nook – hard and soft cover books, coffee table books, popular fiction, biographies, how-to books, cookbooks, gardening books, books on tape ..

Hall of Art – more art than walls in your house? We’d love to sell your surplus.

Earrings, pendants, brooches, bracelets and rings you haven’t worn in years could make a lovely gift for someone else. Your donations are cleaned, polished, packaged and on display at the end of the Learning Center hall at the Jewelry Box. Look for a donation box in Farnum Hall on Sundays after church.

In Farnum Hall we have long tables of beautiful Crafts made by members of our church at home or on craft nights. We also have the Bake Table loaded with homemade cookies, brownies, pies, cupcakes, candy, breads and other delectables. One stop shopping for Thanksgiving! In the middle of Farnum Hall is the Raffle Table. On this table are new items, gift baskets, and gift certificates with a container for raffle tickets in front of each item. The winning tickets are drawn at 1:45 PM the day of the bazaar. The proceeds of the raffle table benefit our church missions.

Finally, the UCC kitchen puts on a tasty luncheon of soups, sandwiches and the most delicious apple crisp a la mode!

Dates for craft nights, donation drop-off (other than jewelry) and set-up to follow.

So that’s the scoop. Please solicit your neighborhood businesses for gift certificates and other raffle donations. Sign up, show up, get involved .. It’s a little hectic, but a lot of fun and fellowship. If you have any questions about the Holiday Bazaar or Bazaaro, as I lovingly refer to it, find me after church on Sundays, or call me at 662-1895.

Bazaaro Pam (Kilroy)


What People are Saying

I found a loving and caring family when I joined the church! — John, Age 54
I have been a part of this church as a child and now as an adult. It's has always been a fun, welcoming, and very special place at each stage of my life. — Laura, Age 34
I love that everyone is always welcoming and always listens. — Mia, Age 18
I am grateful for the many opportunities to be of service to others. — Jack, Age 78
I like listening to the Bible stories with my friends. — Damek, Age 11
I most appreciate the closeness of everyone in our church. It's like one big family. — Rebecca, Age 18
As part of this congregation, I appreciate our pastor and teacher, Rev. Joe Tripp.... — Mary, Age 59
The people, the pastor, and the music all fulfill my spiritual needs and provide a sense of peace. — Florence, Age 85
I like how everybody at church knows everyone and everybody is friendly even to those they don't know, no matter what. — Mackenzie, Age 15
I appreciate the strong sense of community that is always inclusive and welcoming. — Elaine, Age 57
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