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NURSERY (Infants/Toddlers}


Who are The Infants and Toddlers?

Any child who is under the age of four is enrolled in United’s nursery care program for infants and toddlers who need a place to stay and play while Mommy and Daddy attend worship. The infants and toddlers are attended in two (adjoining) rooms at the entrance to the Learning Center that make up the Nursery.  Those rooms are:


INFANTS:  This nursery has been specially outfitted to accommodate babies. There is plenty of safe, clean infant furniture for your baby to nestle into, a collection of soft, safe, clean toys designed specifically for children under 24 months; and a comfy rocker where one of the three attendants can cuddle and rock your baby while you worship.  The Nursery is private, nursing-friendly and outfitted with diaper-changing facilities.  The worship service is piped into this room for moms and dads with fussy babies.


TODDLERS:  The adjoining room has been set up specifically for our toddler population: little ones who may not yet be “potty-trained” but are no longer confined to cribs and baby walkers — they’re on their feet!!  If your child is old enough to toddle about on his/her own little feet and hasn’t yet reached his/her fourth birthday, he/she belongs in this classroom which has been outfitted with age-appropriate toys, Christian videos, and Christian story books.


What curriculum is used?

There is no formal curriculum at this age level; however, we believe that from the time children are born, they begin learning what God is all about. An infant can see God in your face and feel God in your touch. A toddler can hear Him in your voice and experience God in play and interaction with others. When you are worshiping within the walls of the Sanctuary, we will provide that loving care in our Nursery. United’s babies receive wonderful, warm, well-attended “sitter care” from our Nursery Staff and Nursery Volunteers.  The Nursery staff and volunteers spend the worship hour cuddling, rocking, holding and playing, while Mommy and Daddy attend the church service carefree.


We ask that parents label their child’s belongings and observe the wishes of, and respect the meditation of, the other parishioners in the church by taking advantage of our nursery/toddler care. This sentiment is clearly expressed in our bulletin each week as follows:


“A one-hour service seems like an eternity to a child. How fortunate for our children that we have an excellent adult-attended nursery and child care for young children. Parents are invited to take advantage of this service; you and the people around you will then worship in comfort, and the children will be in a surrounding conducive to their needs. The children will thank you!”


Please do not hesitate to leave your infant/toddler child in our care while you worship in peaceful silence and meditation.


Who are the caregivers for the infants/toddlers?

Two paid staff persons and one volunteer provide attendance. The morning will consist of coloring, music, Bible stories, and free play.   If you have any questions regarding the Nursery program, please feel free to contact Megan Weymouth, Coordinator for Children and Youth Ministries (401)-846-3515.




Who are Fishies?

Jesus called His followers to be “fishers of men”, and this class represents the youngest of our little fishermen. Designed especially for United’s four- and five-year-olds, this class will introduce them to life in the church using books, puppets, songs, dance, simple crafts, and other fun activities.


What curriculum is used?

A packaged program designed specifically for pre-schoolers is used.  At this age level we will also periodically use the “Godly Play” storytelling method.


What is the objective of this curriculum?

The objective of this class is a simple one: to help your preschool child build a relationship with God and Jesus, and to build a closer spiritual relationship within the child’s whole family. It will also ease the child into a regular habit of weekly worship and an understanding of church community.


Who teaches the Fishies?

The teaching staff for Grade 1 through Grade 6 is comprised of volunteers from within our church family.   The Coordinator for Children and Youth Ministries oversees the program and prepares the teachers.


ELEMENTARY  (Grades 1 – 6)


What curriculum is used for the elementary grades in the Learning Center?

A custom program of both Old and New Testament lessons will be used for all elementary grade levels in the Learning Center.


Who teaches the elementary Classes?

The teaching staff for Grade 1 through Grade 6 is comprised of volunteers from within our church family.   The Coordinator for Children and Youth Ministries oversees the program and prepares the teachers.


YOUNGER YOUTH (Grades 7 and up)


What curriculum is used for these youth classes in the Learning Center?

This year our Younger Youth (grades 7 and up) will engage in their own unique curriculum.  They will enter into a three-year cycle of study, volunteer work, mission work and spiritual retreat.  Within the first two years of the program they will make that final decision: whether or not to commit their faith to the Christian Church.  During the third year, “Discipleship year”, they are required to complete a full year immersed as new members into the life of the church.


Year ONE:  studying Christianity


In the first year their lessons will be taken from several different sources, and each week of each month we will juggle the formats.  Here is a menu of the formats that will be used during the first year.


Sermonastics:   The Youth class will, once  month,  attend the worship service, as a group, to engage in an exercise called “Sermonastics” Using a worksheet as a guide, they will develop a deeper understanding of the Minister’s message.


The Gospel According to Harry Potter:  At least once a month, we will take a Bible Study lesson from Connie Neal’s book of the same title. This is a wonderful new formula for Bible study that is designed to attract kids, and yet offers wonderful insight into subjects such as “Many Gifts, One Body,” “Overcoming Prejudice,” “What it means to be ‘called’,” etc.


The Gospel According to The Simpsons:  Alternately, we will take a Bible Study lesson from Mark Pinsky’s book of the same title. Like the Harry Potter series, this is a wonderful new formula for Bible study that is designed to attract kids, and yet offers wonderful insight into Christian-based subjects.


Multi-media Week:  This is our ethical issues week. We will discuss a particular “hot” issue, and we’ll use pop songs, newspapers, video and TV as a vehicle for discussion around that particular issue.  The third week of the month is also the week when our Discipleship Year kids spend the morning in service to the church. They will be assigned morning duties (i.e. nursery care, coffee hour, greeting, etc.) as a part of their confirmation preparation.


Cooperative Games/Activities: Occasionally we will play games — Bibleopoly, Bible Pictionary, Jeopardy, WWJD and even Twister just to name a few. The purpose of these games is multifold, but mostly it builds community within the group.




In year two the class studies the life of Christ through the book of Luke and the film series, “Jesus of Nazareth”.


What is the enrollment for this program?

During the second year of the program, this Younger Youth class is open to all students entering grades 7 and up for the current school year.


What support/adult involvement is required of this program?

In the faith formation of teens, the Christian educator faces a great deal of skepticism and even apathy from his/her audience. This is the most challenging age level to deal with in Christian Education. Please help to guide these young people into a full life within the Church. Also please volunteer to assist teaching at this level for a month or even just a single Sunday.


Who teaches this program?

The youth class is taught by The Coordinator for Children and Youth Ministries along with assorted volunteers from within the church family.




Included in year two are confirmation preparation classes for those students who are interested.

These preparatory evening classes for confirmation ask our youth to study, volunteer, perform mission work, retreat, and ultimately make that final decision: whether or not to commit their faith to the Christian Church.  Confirmation Prep students attend classes on bi-monthly Sunday evenings.


What curriculum is used for Confirmation Preparation?

The framework of William H. Willimon’s “Making Disciples” is used and the entire church family is asked to serve as mentors to the group.


A calendar of the dates, topics, and leaders will be sent to every youth who signs up for the Confirmation Prep Program.  Please encourage your youth to enroll in this important program. Enrollment in no way commits your young person; it is his/her opportunity to make that decision for him/herself — a most important phase in faith formation.


During the confirmation preparation process, the students will read the entire book of Luke, study components of church life and leadership, and will engage in some extracurricular activities to round out the process:


Extreme Challenges: Every week the students will be given a challenge which will help them see what it is to serve, to make healthy decisions, to give of themselves, to learn to what it means to be a disciple. The challenges may include making a sibling’s bed for a week, joining a new club at school, or introducing themselves to a member of our church family, and spending a few minutes with that person during fellowship hour. All challenges must be signed by a parent upon completion.


Community Service: All of the children at this level are expected to complete a minimum of 15 hours of community service over the course of the church school year, and an additional 20 hours during the summer. If your teen has trouble finding ways of donating their time to our community, please feel free to contact the Learning Center Office (846 3515) for some “leads”.


At the end of the school year the Confirmation Prep students are asked to commit to a minimum of 20 hours of community service for the summer, are encouraged to attend national/regional events, and are asked to spend the summer considering their life as a Christian and what it means. When they reconvene in September, they will be invited to attend the Confirmation Retreat, and those who so choose will be confirmed that fall and will enter into their Discipleship Year.


What support/adult involvement is required of this program?

It is a difficult time when someone who is in their early teens becomes an adult member of any organization. They still need guidance, support, and nurture from the other adults who can provide leadership. We ask our church family to help guide these young people into a full life within the Church family and encourage them to continue to ask questions.




Upon completion of year one and year two of this confirmation preparation program, the newly confirmed members are required to commit to a full year as an active member of the church:  their Discipleship Year. Discipleship Year youth are required to attend Sermonastics one Sunday per month, fill a volunteer slot in service to the church one Sunday per month, and help in the Learning Center on the fourth Sunday of the month.


What People are Saying

I most appreciate the closeness of everyone in our church. It's like one big family. — Rebecca, Age 18
The kindest compilation of friends and family reside within our community. I've made some of my best friends here and joining the church is the best decision I've ever made. — Noah, 16
Bright! Cheery! Friendly! Great Pastor! Great music! Comforting, helpful and warm! Uplifting illuminating sermons. Our church has it all! — Bob, Age 72
This church offers friendship, music and the preaching of God's word.
This church has a warm and friendly staff and membership. It's like a second home for me. — Curt, Age 84
I found a loving and caring family when I joined the church! — John, Age 54
This place is a very warm, friendly family of believers, sharing the struggles of life, supporting each other along the way. — Melissa, Age 51
I love that everyone is always welcoming and always listens. — Mia, Age 18
I like listening to the Bible stories with my friends. — Damek, Age 11
I have fun playing games while I learn about Jesus. — Nik, Age 10
Sunday Morning Worship Schedule: Worship: 10:00 - 11:00
Sunday School: 10:00 - 11:00
Fellowship Time: 11:00 +